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Francesco Falbo

Ubisoft Next Challenge 

Ubisoft Next Challenge

The Ubisoft Next challenge was to create a specific scenario. This was to build a Ontario style barn that is home to an alien. This alien is a book hoarding, animal lover whose hobby is to play and collect 80s arcade machines. With this in mind I would start with creating a rundown rustic looking barn that is abandoned enough to allow for an alien creature to live there undetected. The exterior of the barn was modeled after a common derelict Kitchener Ontario style barn and was made to look rundown. The interior of this barn was separated into two levels. On the first level there are an abundant amount of books piled up everywhere with arcade machines surrounding it. This barn has no lighting except for the small amount of illumination provided by the arcade machine signs. For this I created my own arcade machines referencing 1980s arcade machines as the inspiration, and created different colored lighting for each machine's  sign. On the second level there is more clutter around, and wiring surrounding the supporting beams and rafters can be visibly seen intertwined around the building like vines. The overall objective was to create this abandoned building that is rundown, but make it appear it is full of life from having an alien reside in it. This project gave me freedom in making and interpreting the instructions to create my version of this scenario.

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