Train Station

Francesco Falbo

Environment Artist

The Train Station is based on a concept art by Alejandro Burdisio, of a futuristic 1920s dystopian style city focused on a train station. I chose this concept art due to the diverse architecture and vibrant atmosphere. This project allowed me to grow as an artist because of its variety of different assets and use of environment. During this project I began to add my own take to this piece, and started visualizing what I would think the inside of the station would look like. I referred to older train stations from that era and added my own story with respect to placement of objects and giving the environment life. This is done by understanding how objects would interact with each other and creating effects that would portray that. Adding scuff marks on things that would normally get scuffed from everyday use of the station gives it a worn down look associated with people actively using it. After all of this I believe I’ve created an environment that flows together and is full of life in terms of creating an active train station in the middle of a large city. Overall, I feel this project has provided many opportunities for me to grow and expand my skills. I’ve acquired valuable experience working with various programs such as, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, and Maya. Using these programs my expertise in modeling, surfacing, lighting, texturing, and many more areas have been refined to a point that I am happy with the quality of my work.           

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